Hush, Hush....i Though I Heard It Callling My Name

when the snow if falling ever so softly, barely brushing the trees as it floats down from the sky, and the ground is covered in a kind of white cushion....everything seems to stand still and hushed, and if you listen, you can hear each snow flake as it hits a tree branch. The silence isn't absolute, but it is so serene, so cocooned, and I feel as if I am the only one alive at that moment, enjoying the solitude and peace it brings to me...the only time I ever truly feel at peace.

In tha tmoment I have no problems, no is only me and the new fallen hustle and bustle, no hurry to do anything or be anywhere....just the quietness and me, and I listen....

bluehaiku bluehaiku
41-45, F
Feb 25, 2009