In The 60's

When I was 15 or 16 years old I was a runaway gypsy (another story) who lived on the streets in a lot of the big cities including Chicago, DC and New York. Finally, traveling on my thumb, I landed in Boston. I loved Boston and will never forget seeing it for the first time, all the people covering Boston Common and Garden, definitely the summer of love! Well after a while I met some good people and lived with them in a commune on the border of Boston and Brookline, MA where we supported ourselves by selling pot on the commons. We had a good week and decided that we would all go to see Traffic, who was playing in Boston. But alas it was not to be, dammit! For some reason unknown to me, the concert was canceled. Well we were all jacked up to see some live music, so my one friend suggested we go to another club where there was an Andy Warhol group playing called the Velvet Underground. It was a great club with all the lights and a light show like nothing I had ever seen, and the group was great!! I loved their music and will never forget when they did Heroin. As far as I am concerned Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground invented punk rock long before there was a genre named that. I had the album with the banana on it for many years until I put it in a frame and gave it to my granddaughter for her 18 birthday. She loves then too! Long live the Velvet Underground!!
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Right on, I was there at the same time, but luckily got to see Traffic at Mount Holyoke, with Steve Martin opening for them. Love Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground!

I never did get to see Traffic, and they were always one of my favorite groups!

They were not pschedelic, as you say, but when John Gale took off on his electric violin it definitely took you on a trip.

John Cale not John Gale!!

I like them, too. I used to own their first 3 albums, up to and including White Light/White Heat. What is great about them is that they were essentially doing punk a good 7-8 years before anyone else even thought about it. They don't sound much at all like the psychedelic rock of their day, although I like that music a lot too.

I remember hearing the Strawberry Alarm Clock do the song "incense and peppermint" on Ed Sullivan, I think!! LOL! I loved it at the time, it had the fuzz guitar and was so psychedelic. Like they say, if you remember the 60's you weren't there!! The Velvet Underground are celebrating there 45th anniversary this year, and consisted of Lou Reed(walk on the wild side), John Cale, Sterling Morrison and Maureen Tucker. German singer Nico ( Model for Andy Warhol).