So Far I Noticed 2 Earthquakes Signified 2 Events In 2012 So Far 1

So far I noticed 2 Earthquakes Signified 2 major USA events in 2012.

The last week in October when Hurricane Sandy was approaching New Jersey and New York. I heard on the Friday and Saturday before the Monday that the Island of Queen Charlotte Island off of BRITISH COLUMBIA CANADA, about 500 miles North of me in the Pacific Ocean was having a few Earthquake Shakings.  6.4?

Now Just 3 Hours before the Connecticut School Shootings, I was seeing tweets on Southern California off the Coast of San Diego, California having an Earthquake Shaking.  6.1?

My Point usually is when Nature says something, "What does it Mean?"

When it is ignored, Watch Out!
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i am trying

Yes, then you will be very interested in this!!!!!!!

Though hoping your slow internet connection let you play these videos, which are key to getting the full message in my story.

It would be terrifying if Mother Nature suddenly decides to drastically clean the planet herself.