If We Could Listen With Out Judgment

if we could all listen to each other with out judging them the world could be very different today like war an hate for we are all so different that no one is the same.

lespaulmarK lespaulmarK
6 Responses Mar 19, 2009

I don't mind listening to others and their concerns, but there are times when what they say goes beyond common sense that it baffles me as to why they even have the problems they have.

Exactly. We need to listen to each other and accept others just the way the are with their faults and mistakes. People should be more tolerant and stop being judgemental or afraid of people who are different, who have different points of view.<br />
Have a wonderful day!

Exactly. We all have our own faults. And if we all took the time to listen, we could be more of help to others and others would be more helpfull to us. We all need each other and just because a person make mistakes, it don't make them a bad person.

Good listening skills are like a gift we give people. Some behave as though they have never been listened to before. That is sad.

i agree that if humans would listen and try to understand the others point of view the world would be more loving.

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