When the Candle Burns Out....

How do you let go of a friendship that just isn't working out?  But one that you invested so much of yourself in, emotionally and physically.  That is where I am today.  My best friend and I aren't what we used to be.  I let my feelings as friends for him develope into something more and unfortunately he did not do the same.  I feel like if I stay in this friendship it might literally kill my soul.   So this is where I am at.  Asking myself what should I do.  I really am not ready to just let go, but I can't allow myself to be hurt in the process.  So this is my story today. please someone help me....

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5 Responses Mar 22, 2009

That is a hard one. When emotions came into play and things became physical..It changed from something else other then friendship (been there, done that). Do both parties feel the same...not always but someone will get hurt one way or the other. The question is can you live with it. <br />
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Trying to get is back to a friendship is hard but not impossible. <br />
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Best of luck and be well.

Been down that road too many times and it doesn't ever get easier, just a little more numb to it.

I feel the same. :/ This story is SO me..

In all sincerity, I would say that sometimes no matter how much history you have, it's not worth it if it's going to cause you hurt. Focus on what's healthy for you, not in terms of the friendship but in terms of what is good for you as a person. <br />
Always here if you want to talk.

some thinks in life are just hard to hang on to.