Listen On My Celluer Phone While My Wife Was Getting ******

My Wife had a friend whom she would go and have sex with my permission. When they both were naked in and just before he mounted her he would tell to spread her legs.  she told me that she would tell him "Wait have to call my husand and tell him I'm at my sisters house so he won't calling looking for me" She then after calling me would lay the phone down and not hang it. I then got to listen to him tell her "open your legs baby. And I knew when he would put in because I could hear cry Oh! Then to sound of the bed as they ****** She would told me he never went in easy in her.He was married and ****** her likea *****. She never asked for it but he he would always give her money and tell her he was sorry if he hurt her. He liked it bareback that's why he liked ******* my wife because he knew she was married and he even knew me so he knew she was safe. Not a bad deal We all won. He got got to **** my wifes ***** like a ***** which he didn'.t do to his wife (his wife was sick) guesse that's why he paid her. My wife got **** and some mony, and I got to listen as he dropped his load of *** bareback inside , When she would get home I would that a photo of her *** stain panties and then suck the rest of the *** inside her. He however make a big mistake when he called her a ***** while ******* her..she pushed him off got dresse and never wanted to see him again.

..She did a waitress job one night to help a friend who was short on help, Meet a guy from out of town who gave her his room number I drove to the motel watch her go up the stairs and saw her go into the room I couldn't see them **** but while the light was on I saw her look outside towards where our car was. then a short time later I got my phone call and listen to her mouns as he was ******* her and drop his load inside. Couldn't wait for him to finish Listening to her cries the bed you can imagine what's itlike to listen on the phone her getting **** by those men. , Listening on the phone can be jst as good watching  
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Getting to listen over the phone is sometimes better than watching!! Have called friends and "forgot" to hang up and started banging away on my wife. They will continue to listen every time.

sweet. good **** wife you have ! cheers

I agree that the imagination can provide vivid images when you can hear what's going on between your wife and another man.

hot story ! thanks for sharing ! nice wife , you are very understanding !

There are times when my wife brings back a lover an i sit in the closet..or the next room with a amplfier mike so i can hear every little sound

Very HOT story ,the sound of your wife having sex with an other man is so Horny ,been there

You are a real great voyeur.Your imagination matches you love.Thanks for sharing the emotions and feelings.<br />
I would love to have you in my bed and you could let your wife hear us as I ****** you.mmm<br />
Just a thought dear!<br />
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Have done that too have the the photos to prove it

Do you share those photos with your wife?