I Listened To My Wife **** Her Boss

It was three years ago, we were going through a rough time, mainly becuase her boss at work fancied the arse off her. I can't blame him, she is tall (6') with 36" legs and just oozes sex.

Long story cut short she went to a works Christmas party about 80 miles from where we live. She told me partners were not invited - I found out prior to the do that they were, she obviously did not want to take me. Her boss, I should add, is about 15 yeears older than her, bald as a coot and a total letch.

She phoned about 1.30am, fairly sober and all luvy dovey - miss you etc etc. What she didn't do is cancel the call on her mobile. I continued to listen.

About 10 minutes of her going to the toilet, T.V on etc etc so I just left my phone on speakerphone with mute button activated and read a book.

There was a knock on her hotel room dooe. I should add it was the type of hotel where you need a passkey to get up to the rooms. "Oh, hello then" I heard my wife say.

There was come discussion, getting hotter and hotter. Then, there was the unmistakable sound of her gasping and him grunting. Then, the unmistakable soft sigh / gasping sound she makes as her ***** is teased - by the slurping I would guess he was using his mouth which she loves.

I was angry, crying, and hard as a rock!!! after a while I heard the familiar slapping sound as her boss was pummeling her, together with that exquisite gutteral gasping she makes each time she is penetrated.

OK, I felt ****, but had already come twice listening to this. I imaginged her stunning long legs wrapped around his back. I imagined her sweet, tight ***** being violated by his **** - I could hear but not see her beautiful eyes opening wide, her mouth gasping as he ****** her.

It carried on - ohh god the agony and ecstacy!!!. He must have had too much beer becuase she complained when he lost his erection - she said "don't worry, lets me see what I can do with that. I then heard the slurping, popping sound she makes as she sucks ****. A very quick slapping followed this as he ****** her again followed by a bellowing grunt as he emptied his seed in to her *****. (Yep - I know this as I told my wife I heard and she phoned him whilst I was there the day after - he had had a vascetctomy a few years earlier thank god).

When she got back the following day I told her I had heard her *******, and played the angry husband (but got back with her, and when I ****** her three days after the event I thought about her sweet ***** being ****** by her boss.

I know she has ****** other guys since - she thinks I don't know but I have tried soooooooo hard to get her to open up about it. I can't really blame her for being hesitant after I went mad after she ****** her boss but I admit I wasn't sure what I wanted then and was REALLY embarrased about it.

I would love to actually watch her **** another guy, or even to know for sure that she is being pleasured by another man. Ahh well, I can dream......

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wow add me please

What a story, and what a way to have her playing confirmed. What does she say when you talk with her about her activites? Just deny it? She knows she was caught with her boss... Do you tell her she can play if the desire strikes her?

Hot story. Wow your wife is 6ft, wow very hot.

Very hot story! Hope you find that opportunity to watch one day!

Let me know next time she,s away like to join her thks

Pretty sure she was myself, there was another incident in a nightclub just before that when I also think she was playing around. <br />
Still never actually seen it though

It may be just your desc<x>ription but James seems to be onto something. Things progressed pretty easily and quickly from the "oh hello then" when answering the door - not exactly a "why are you here?" She probably was already doing him and maybe others as well. Not an uncommon occurance when things get rocky in a relationship.

Not sure whether he ****** her before this James - it's a possibility though she denies it. She did work late a few times so she probably did. She is such a sweet, beautiful ****, I adore her :)