I Literally Hate Myself...im Disgusting

I am 19 and cannot stand the way I look. I dont even know where to begin....
I hate my mouth. I have big ugly.bucked gapped teeth that everyone is.always looking at when I talk.
My nose is.too big for my.face.
I have a mustache that I have.to wax every 2 weeks
My hair line is awkward and my hair is dry and ugly
I have no boobs.or butt and.I'm six foot tall
I'm too skinny but if I put the.slightest bit.of much needed weight it.goes straight to my stomach and.I look fat
I have an over bite worse then a horse
My feet are too big
I have.acne that only makes me even more disgusted with my face
My boyfriend jokes and.teases me about all of my flaws
My mom won't listen to me when I try to tell her how I feel
I have.panic attacks when I have.to meet new people or just go out in public
I literally hate myself :'(
dakotag dakotag
18-21, F
May 15, 2012