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Make Up Does Wonders

My daughter gave me permission to turn a grandson into a granddaughter, she knows
I very good at transformations, but this time she felt I would fail.

My daughter had attempted dress him as girl many times ,but he sort of didn't quite
seem fully into accepting it,
I however took a different approach, before dressing him up,I made him up
Yes he was nervous, and not really able to sit still as I did his entire face,
He was soon telling me that he didn't know all the things girls put on thier faces
he was aware of only lipstick and eye shadow
I kept explaining each little thing I did to him and why, he in return was very interested in learning.
Finally, he was a makeup model and when he saw his face in a mirror he quickly asked
what girl clothes go with his new look.
So these days he'll gladly be a little girl, if he gets grown up makeup included

[1 pic of his face added to my albums]
GrandestMother GrandestMother 51-55, F 10 Responses Feb 16, 2013

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hi ! wish my wife was like you ! :-)

What a good way to introduce girl clothes to a nervous boy. Putting makeup on him and making his face look like a girls made him want to put girls clothes on. Wearing girls clothes is one of the most enjoyable activities I do. He will have many pleasant times now you have introduced to him how wonderful it is being a girl.

what a lucky boi

I seem to have shared a similar upbringing as your grandson. Can you tell me how old he was when you began dressing him up and how long it lasted? My mother started with me when I was 8. Although I previously played with my sister dressed as one of her girlfriends, it was always a game until my mother (stepmother actually) introduced makeup, curls and girlish underwear. It made a decided change in my persona when I really looked and felt like a girl from the inside out. Over the years, I was never able to see myself as that little boy again.

Hello... im new here but i am so interested in your group! i have a question... do you let them keep their little dicks?

That\'s quite an interesting question! I really don\'t think mothers have the choice of having their young sons \"little dicks\" removed least I hope not. Surgery is usually the last decision a young man makes when the last traces of his \"emotional manhood\" are already gone.

Hi Grandmother:

Love your story. Gosh! I wish I would have had a grandmother like you. I would have loved you turning me into a girl. It was very difficult back then (50's and 60's.

things happened in the 70's

You and his mother seem like such lovely ladies. Your grandson is very lucky indeed!

Great story it sounds like he will enjoy being a little girl.i hope you will post more stories and pics.

teach him casual and formal make up as well, get him some skirts also along with his dresses.

my mom or grandma never does this