It will be the death of me if I can't stop it from taking over me...the memories play around in my head everyday and they wont stop...

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As you well know, what has taken place back in those moments has long since stop. It is now history. It no longer exists. Yet the memory of what took place feels very real and for many when this happens to them it is real! They are re-experiencing all of those trapped negative emotions attached to the memories of what took place. It is these trapped emotions that cause the problems. If you remove the negative emotions from the memories they have no affect on you. They now have no power over your life, so you get your life back.<br />
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Getting rid of these trapped negative emotions is what I do.<br />
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"You can't change history, but you can change the future!"

Violetfawn if I could give you all the answers I would

I am living with my husband who was in Iraq twice, hurt and has been dealing with PTSD for almost 5 years. I feel very helpless and I can't love him better. What to do....

Watch them play.<br />
The only reason they want to play is because they want to get out of you.<br />
Watch them play. Be observer. Not a participant. Observe. Cry. And it'll be over step by step. <br />
You'll get there.