I DO NOT BUT I HAVE ... So sometimes I feel like I feel toooo much I get overwhelmed when I get emotional I've always been very good at controlling it and keeping a I DONT GIVE A **** BOUT **** attitude but it's really built up over the years and well honestly the relationship before my last I didn't have that stupid **** happening he used to get me together real quick the spankings were NEEDED I needed them yes I cried most of the time and that may seem a bit extreme but to be honest it was such a release of stress and over emotion and some times yes for discipline. He had his way with me and tho we are no longer together and for many many legitimate reasons, I find myself thinking it was the life the stress free feeling the cap on my emotions my behavior my over all feeling was PERFECT it was the authority to trust someone to be there to know my secrets I NEED to lay over my mans lap and spanked to tears... I NEED him to have that authority over me Don't get me wrong I have a career but when I get home I JUST WANNA E A GOOD SUBMISSIVE WIFE who can count on my man to give me what I need.... Without judging me
karlakashes karlakashes
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Amen, sista!