Nude Life

As I have to earlier, I love nude living. My husband too loves it. Presently I am in Calabria, southern part of Italy. In my country India I am employed in an NGO which works for women's awareness about their self, identity and sexuality. My stay in Italy is in connection with a course on the subject.
The management has arranged some apartment to accommodate participants, mostly female (both young and mature). I am staying with three other girls, Geeta from India,Neelo from Pakistan and Huda from Egypt.(No real name).
I am in habit of living nude at home, so found it quite disturbing not to do so in presence of others; not knowing their mind-set. We have been discussing in and out of Institute various aspects of women liberation, including their sexuality and right to live cloth-free.The fourth day of our stay was Saturday, which was off. It was a bit cold outside but tolerable. Inside rooms were cozy and very comfortable.
I got up wearing nightie only. As usual I needed a cup of coffee, so prepared it. In the meanwhile I decided to live my life, not caring what other would think. so I removed nightie from the body and sitting on chair nude was sipping coffee. I was relaxed. My room mate, Geeta, got up and amazingly & admiringly waved. I told her, before she could ask, that I loved nude living, adding if you girls did not like, I could shift to other apartment.
Not responding, she went out, and after a couple of minutes entered with a cup of coffee. We talked on women's nudity, I explained that if we were serious with our mission, we had to start with our bodies. She was mostly agree, rather convinced and did not resist when I proposed her to take off her clothes. After thinking for a few seconds, she put off her clothes. I appreciated her approach and admired her nudity.
The other two girls (Neelo and Huda) entered and saw us sitting, smiling, chatting totally nude. Neelo did not like our nudity but Huda admired adding that she also lived nude living but was disturbed (like me) not to enjoy her preferred life. She immediately followed us. Our discussion with Neelo resulted in a positive smile from her. Now she too was there without clothes.
We four nudes stayed till Monday morning in natural clothes. And now every evening and week-ends we enjoy nudity. Xylolita, 28 years.
xylolita xylolita
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You must have the gift of persuasion!!