I Don't Even...

..know who I am anymore. I make myself out to be a different person to every single body. So who am I really? I am what people think of me. If no one knew me at all, then I would be nobody because no one would be there to prove it or see who I am. You see? I don't know. . . . I don't understand sometimes. I feel kind of like this empty vessel that changes and morphs to whatever they are trying to get, achieve, or are just inspired to be.
I am a junkie.
I am a dancer.
I am a daughter.
I am a girl.
I am a student.
I am a friend.
But who am I?
PrimaTheBallerina PrimaTheBallerina
18-21, F
1 Response Dec 3, 2012

"I am who I say I am. I am who I show the world is me." That was my mantra in high school. It's true though. What's certain is you're the only person who's going to have the same intricate series of life experiences as yourself. Even if I tried to copy your life exactly there would be variations due to physical and mental differences, chance, fate, other people's interventions, etc.

True...I suppose you are right, no one is the same. That whole different personalities IS my personality.