What Is Right?

I work like a housekeeper, and i live with the hope one day I willl change my job., but now i arrive to believe my hope is  only a way to lie to me to go ahead

anda anda
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i understand wrong, so you don't give me your place ;)?

I didn't say I'm unhappy being a housekeeper.<br />
<br />
It suits me.

you have right, is a big difference.<br />
i can see the people, i can learn new things and i am paid for this, but i can tell you is not so easy. <br />
All my life i stdudied and is not so funy to use all what i learned for cleaning the rooms ;).<br />
i am sorry for you if you are not happy being a housekeeper and if you want i give you my place and i take yours ;)............it's a joke ,but you must to be happy for what you have doing for your family

There's a difference between cleaning hotel rooms and cleaning one's own home.<br />
<br />
However, there's a BIG difference between being a housekeeper who's paid to clean hotel rooms and being what I am - which is a housewife and mother, NOT paid to provide all the services you provide for guests.

i've never been anything other than housekeeper (clean the hotel) here in Italy, if you read my blog you will undersand better, and if i will stay here probably i will be just that-

I don't actually understand what you're saying.<br />
<br />
I've never been anything other than housewife/mother.