What An Inspiring Idea!

So, I am assuming the full title of this group is "I live a life of fulfillment and adventure each DAY!  Well, that would be wonderful, wouldn't it.  However, I live a life of occasional fulfillment and adventure.  Actually, whilst I want to be fulfilled each day, I'm not sure I want a daily adventure - that might be stressful.  A weekly adventure sounds about right.  That's adventure as in discovering a new restaurant or trying out a dry ski slope - not adventure as in a month-long trip up Everest involving oxygen tanks and cramp-ons.  OK - so here's my plan:

Daily adventure - discover a new website or activity, learn something interesting, play some new music or talk to someone new.

Weekly adventure - Set goals to try challenging but possible things.  I.e. "I will try a new exercise class, I will find a new place to visit on the map and drive there.

Long-term adventures - this is where you plan the adventurous holiday, commit to learning a new sport and competing in it, give a performance, get an exciting new job.  Big adventures often take planning and working towards by doing mundane little things like saving up, practising etc. 

Adventures are about fun - I'm not talking about going on a diet, giving up smoking or improving your filing system here.  I'm talking about pushing forward with all the life-enhancing things that you really want to do - instead of putting them off until you've solved all your problems.  You may never solve the problems - so make sure you do all the things you really, really want to do in spite of them. 

As for fulfillment - I'm not sure about it.  I don't think I feel fulfilled and I don't know what would make me feel that way.  I guess I'd have to spend my whole time doing something I loved AND benefiting others by doing so.  Difficult to achieve that.

CrystalCat CrystalCat
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1 Response Mar 22, 2007

you are right, the problems will only be...massaged, never...resolved. So the best approach to life is...where can I get the best massage?