And It Harms None, Do As You Will

Over the years I've pretty much adopted the Wiccan moral values, "If it harms none, do as you will."   I've seen many who come to Wicca or Pagan groups and are unable to put aside all the moral values of Christian culture.  What they end up practicing is "Jesus in a Dress."   I reject that "its just wrong" kind of cultural christian morals.   I have consciously, mentally, emotionally, and in my life rejected that sin and shame kind of moral values.   What feels good is not "sin."  What is your body is not "shame." 

The sin and shame of Christian culture permeates our whole western culture and is hard to escape.   Take natural body functions of **** and ****.  We are expected to be ashamed of our bodies even though we now mostly bathe more than the once a year admonitions of medieval christians.   Many houses are constructed so that the adult owners have their toilet behind 3 locked doors, the bedroom door, the bathroom door, and the toilet room or water closet door.  That level of triple shame of our bodies is just sick, non pagan, based on monotheistic asceticism, and built into our homes by a christian culture of body shame.   In my live I have rejected the shame and sin view of our bodies and our lives.  If it feels good and harms none, it is good and not something to be ashamed of. 

In our home we have posted rules, "Do whatever you like." And "Doing anything you don't want to do is prohibited." I've enjoyed rejecting the Christian morals of "putting clothes on the natives" and their body shame.  I go naked on my land every day when the weather is warm, as my European pagan ancestors went naked before the new Christians taught shame of our bodies and put clothes on European pagans. I am not ashamed of my body and I do not need to cover up out of sin or shame.  My toilet area is clean for sanitary reasons, but has an archway rather than 3 locked doors.

On EP I enjoy meeting some of the EP folks who share about bodies and feeling good even if the Christian culture would call it sin or gross, whatever harms none and feels good is good. I love going naked on my land, natural in my own body like the other animals, and I'm sure my pagan ancestors did the same in summer.

We have a stone circle that we are developing.  We observe the cycles of nature and the cross quarter days, call upon the Lord and Lady to bless our lives, and cast out the sin and shame of christianity or "Jesus in a dress" pseudo pagans.

If it feels good and harms none, do as you will.  May the Lord and Lady bless your day.
DozerDan DozerDan
66-70, M
Sep 16, 2012