A Godless Pagan! Yup, That's Me!

I have always been very spiritual and enjoyed praciticing a religion, but life showed me that the religion I was raised in was not a true reflection of reality. I knew I would never teach my children something I did not believe.

So, when I was 25, I began to practice what I believed. It's totally transformed my life. I found myself more and more in community with pagans, and found that many practices I'd started doing on my own, were shared by people of various pagan faiths.

Eventually, I learned that there are others who share my faith, pantheism. We don't believe in a god or goddess, we believe in what is, in reality, the universe. So, I can honestly say I am a godless pagan!

But I do have a religion that I take very seriously. Indeed, it impacts every aspect of my life, and informs me in every action and decision. I work with what is, embrace it, and don't expect magic to change how the universe operates. That has been the most revealing and freeing thing to happen in my life...not having to make excuses for some higher power!

The universe it truly powerful, elegant,and amazing. And I find my practice of my faith to be very meaningful, moving and fulfilling. It is a huge asset to my life, allowing me to meet the challenges I face, and in that sense, it's an asset to the lives of those around me.

No god, no afterlife, no karma, no reincarnation, no prize at the end for good behavior, just an honest facing of every day's challenges and a celebration of the wonder of the Universe.

I've been following this for 18 years and have never looked back.

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1 Response Mar 8, 2009

It is so refreshing to hear someone say they are a godless pagan! After breaking my christian ties from which I was raised, I searched long and hard for my true path. Paganism came to me through meditation, but my atheistic views on life never left my side. I do, however, believe in reincarnation and karma, but the pagan lifestyle I choose to live is based on the energy of our world with the gods and goddesses merely symbols for the types of energy and matter in each living being that make this world go round. Power to you!