I Live Alone

I rented a studio when I start studying, Its near my campus. My dad pay half I pay the other half ( yayyyyyyyyy love yah daddy!!)  But sometimes i feel scare of living alone. I mean there are so many psycos out there. 
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5 Responses Aug 7, 2007

i live alone, on ground floor myself. my patio door is actually right by the entrance. but i'm lucky considering that its a fairly safe neigborhood. i just always make sure both the patio and main door are locked always and that the blinds are always closed for privacy reasons.

Also, anyone hassles you, and I'll drop Dodo poo on them from a great height!!!

LOL you wise DoDO, you wise! hahahah

Sounds awesome! :D And don't nobody mess wit da hat! Best option is to become a psycho yourself... bwahahahahahah. Hey, it works for me.

SO get a really good door and lock, and if your place is not on the ground floor you should be fine. <br />
Studio appartements are great when your young, i bet you will be longing for small rooms again at some point.