For Those That Love Their Wives, And Wives That Love Their Husbands

After having been verbally attacked by a duo with a "college education and and not a sliver of common sense", I would like to say a few words of love and encouragement for others.

I love my Wife. She means more to me than anything. Our TIH lifestyle has helped us and how we treat each other.
I embrace different.
I don't look down on anyone. I work with all walks of life. Different is normal to me.
My sister is openly bisexual, do I condemn her for her choice? No!
One of my friends is severely homophobic. Do I condemn him as being to conservative? No!
Am I happy being in a TIH marriage? Absolutely!!
Did I implement TIH? No. My wife introduced me to it.
Are we different from other families? Yes.
Does the previous question and answer bother you?
A: if so, its cool, this is not for everyone.
B: if not, kudoes to being open minded
C: if you are hear just to get info and satisfy a curiosity, read on and open your mind.
I would like to thank everyone on this site for being comfortable with yourself and your beliefs, and respecting others for who they are.

Could you imagine if there was a day when everyone on this earth took two seconds to give his /her neighbor or tool buddy or co-worker a hug? Regardless of sex, sexual orientation, creed, religion, or belief?

Yeah it's pretty difficult to fathom

Why are you on this site?

I love and trust my wife, she has trusted in me her obedience, and I will treat her as one who trusts me. And she will be treated as one who I love.

Thanks for reading

KLT3skippy KLT3skippy
31-35, M
May 18, 2012