How Long Will This Remain An Alternative Lifestyle?

With the growing interest in Female Led Relationships, as women continue to outpace men in all walks of life, I wonder if in a short time, rather than this being an alternative lifestyle, if it will become the norm. Women by nature like to lead and be pampered. It is how it should be. We men rebel against serving but deep down inside of us, we have a natural instinct to serve all women. With firm guidance, our servitude can be focused on one woman while showing the proper deference, respect and humility to all women. I hope some day soon we can have the alternative part of this title changed to I live a vanilla lifestyle.
underherfeet underherfeet
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2 Responses May 5, 2012

I totally agree. This lifestyle becoming the normal will be a glorious day indeed.

It would be a better world! Man's ego in check, life in ballance.