It Can't Be Just Me...or Is It ?

Ever since I can remember I have been a team player, always excelling at whatever the request. Whether it be high school debate team, swimteam, Journalism, no matter whatI ALWAYS stepped up my game, for the team, regardless of my own personal obligations. All through my life when someone ask a favor or was in need of something, I was there for them,regardless of what was going on in my life and trust me it was a busy life..I worked in the Medical field, coached  little league,and swimteam,drove  to all the children's activities( including many of their friends) volunteered at their school..etc..I was one of those Mother's who put 32 hours in a 24 hour day..and it wasn't easy.. however, I have come to realize through the years that there was very seldom any reciprocation back to me. Even through my working years, I picked up extra hours for people, gave rides, ran errands, whether it was for co-workers or even MY own that I reflect back..maybe I had " doormat" tattooed on my forehead and just didn't take the time to look. Anyway now I am in my later years and retired and of ALL the changes that have taken place in the world over the past 60 years, for what ever reason this has not changed. I recently started a project with a fellow writer ( who has a full time job) on an issue that is plaguing many people of all ages. It's called INSOMNIA ( basically getting to sleep and staying asleep)..yes you can use sleep aids, but many times they don't necessarily help and they cause side effects that can lead to other went looking for natural alternative ways..
We decided to put the word out on various different ways people have of overcoming this situation( we also did research ourselves) and now we look for people to take the information and put it to use for 30 days..documenting their results in a journal..and answer a few questions. Everyone sleeps so we thought this would be an easy task to find testors..WRONG..  invited many of my friends and acquaintances ( both business and personal)....
Overwhelmed was the word most used to decline our offer ( by the way we were also offering people who volunteered would get a % of the cost on sales of the book internationally) as this may become an e-book..In this economy did that entice them ?.. no..Now many of these people are the same ones I have been there for in the past...helping them through various now it's my turn and they're too busy ?....or is it just me ?
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Oct 13, 2011