My Boyfriend Of 5 Years Is A Cdl Driver. I Hope I Can Help Those Of You Who Are Trying To Live The Life Of A Truck Drivers Other Half.

I see that a lot of you whom are dating over the road drivers say your life is so hard because you only get to see your other half on the weekends. Well I would like for you to consider yourself lucky, I only get to see my boyfriend sometimes 3 days out of every month, thats 36 days out of the year.

I don't have much advice for those of you who are having a hard time coping with being alone a lot of the time, but I can tell you this, you will never get used to it, it doesn't get easier, you just learn that crying about something you can't change will get you no where. Crying does help at times but never do it in front of your husband or boyfriend. There's no use making him feel bad for trying to make a living. When he comes home make the best of it, go out and do things together, or stay home and stay in bed all day together. When he leaves just start planning what you two or what your family will do next.

Don't keep anything from each other. Don't hang up the phone without saying I love you, They have a dangerous job, do you really wanna risk not saying I love you, just because your angry? Being angry, or sad won't bring him home faster.

Spend as much time as you can with family and friends. Surrounding yourself with people you love/people who love you, can extreamly helpful. Staying home and sulking in the dark will only make the time go by slower. You need to go out and do things, go hiking, swimming, go for a walk, go out to dinner with friends, go see a movie. If you don't have much money to spend, read a book, try making something; food, a scarf, ect. As far fetched as this sounds try working out, it puts you in a better mood and you will look and feel great once your man does come home. Drinking isn't a good idea only because when you get home, your either home alone, or at least going to sleep in an empty bed, and that will only make your emotions worse.

OH and getting a pet helps sometimes, a dog or a cat , something that will actually cuddle. I basicly live alone so waking up to another living thing helps me just want to get out bed when I have my bad days. Because you will have bad days, where nothing can get you out of bed or out of a bad funk. Its unavoidable. All you can do is try try try to be positive.

Well thats really all I have right now, hope I at least helped one person.
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Hey my names is niccole.. i just signed up for this sight, i read your story.. i was inspiring.. i have been dating my boyfriend for about 4 months.. i can really relate to your story. its been hard the last few weeks. and the closer i get to him, the more i want to see him more and more. i would really like to keep in touch with you, if you don't mind. :) thank you