A Truck Drivers Girlfriend :)

So my story goes....
I'm 37 single mom or 3 children.. i have dated some off and on.. along with some guys that are lairs.. back in may, i dated this guy i had know as a teenager. and was 4 months into the relationship when i found out, he was married and they have a child together. also, he said his dad died and he inherited 6 houses and a lot of money. that wasn't true either. i broke it off with him..

Just shortly after that, I met the most wonderful caring man ever! He's a truck driver.. we talked for hours, and text all day long, we talked about likes and dis likes. the more i talked to him, the more i was liking him.. i asked him one night, "Will you please stay on the phone with me til i fall asleep ? and he did! the more i got to know him, the more i was falling for him..I'd wake up thinking about him.. and wondering how he slept. texting him " Good Morning, and patiently waiting his return text.. when i heard my phone go off, my heart skipped a beat and i couldn't wait to see what he text me. we planned to met, and he text me saying he was here and where to meet him, just before i left the house i got a text saying " I'm falling in love with you"... i said" i'm falling in love with you too! ( smiling ) so, i stopped by the grocery store, i bought him a single rose.. when i got closer to the place where we were meeting, i called him to let him know i was pulling in. he said, " I see you" i could hear him smiling.. i said, Where are you ? i got out, and walked up to him, we gave each other a big hug and kiss.. and i smiled the whole time..

He asked me, ' Do you wanna see my truck ? I said, Yes! but as i'm walking over to his truck, i say to him, please show me that little thin that beeps when your driving.. that thing used to drive me crazy when we talked on the phone..lol so i climbed up into his truck, he showed me all the gadgets and of course that beeping thing..
We spend just little over a hour, just talking and holding each other.. i was in heaven..
It has been 4 months now.. we are still seeing each other.. i see him on Sunday's before he leaves out, and then he comes in Monday night, we spend all of Monday night together and he leaves out Tuesday morning.. wensday night when he comes in.. and then again Thursday morning before he takes off again. the weekend, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday morning are spend with his son he get on the weekend. we don't really talk on the weekends, maybe a couple of texts. every time he leaves out Monday after we've had 24 hours together, it is so hard to see him go.. some times i wanna cry.. and when i go back home, my house feels empty..
we talk all day and text.. i'm so in love with him.. it is so hard to see him go, but when he comes home for that one day, it's like a new love.. i try and make it as special as i can... i cook him a home cooked meal.. we watch tv and we hang out with my kids.. he is caring, loving, very affectionate... he has a big heart.. he makes me laugh, and smile all the time.. we connect so well.. he's like no one i've ever met..
He asks me all the time if i can handle it.. i reassure him that i can.. and that i'm not going any where. he told me usually 3 months into seeing someone, they tell him it's to hard and they can do it.. and they leave.. he is afraid, that one day he will get that phone call from me, 'saying i'm leaving.. i tell him i'm in it for the long haul.. and i worry that he will leave me.. he tells me that, the only way he's leaving is if i tell him i don't love him anymore, or if i cheat on him..
So, i ask any of you who is with a trucker, whether you are a girlfriend/ wife, can you please give me some advise? maybe how to not let him see me hurting when i see him off... or when i cant be with him every night ? I am a Independent women.. he takes my heart with him every time he leaves.. and i love him more than any thing..
however, i also struggle with men lie'en to me.. and thinking they can get away with it.. only because of the last relationship.. and i've heard that truck drivers can be married and be seeing some one else at the same time.. but, i do trust him.. until he gives me a reason not to.. i am not looking for a reason.. he knows my insecurities though... we talk about every thing.. and he understands and reassures me that hes not still married.. she did a number on him to though..
Thank you for taking the time to read this!
juliansgirlfriend juliansgirlfriend
Dec 2, 2012