Substance Over Style

I sat...and i just stared on the window pavements of my room.

Every week end i spent my day just rolling around...nothing amazing or amusing things to do. I don't go life revolves on my parents and sisters. I don't follow sounds boring however that simply the way i'am. i grow up behind the limelight. Im not begging for recognition. But the weirdest part is that my subconscious mind is whispering that everybody deserves a little recognition. What the heck is this supposed to mean...I guess i have an inner Diva after all. lol!!!


Moreover...everyone of us were given a shot to excell on the path that we choose. I Choose to be an Operating Room Nurse. I love my job.... It's something that i enjoyed a lot. Helping others seems a huge satisfying profession. I'am Substance over style...but i'am the major ingredients of altruistic humanely approached. 


Proud despite of my imperfections...


Be true and show the INNER yOU!BSTA
Norjiehan839 Norjiehan839
22-25, F
Feb 21, 2011