My Top 10 Songs As Of Right Now In My Life...and Why...

1) You can't always get what you want - Rolling Stones (In a bit of a disagreement with the significant other...nothing major, but I am having to back down a little...which is hard for me :-p)

2) If I had a Boat - Lyle Lovett (This song has always spoken to me, but especially recently...just such a freeing sweet natured always makes me happy to hear it)

3) Aint No Road Too Long - Waylon Jennings and the cast of Sesame Street in "Follow That Bird" (This is my favorite childrens movie and I have not been able to find it, ,y dad just recently found it in a discount rack at Kroger and bought it for me...I nearly cried. I want to have children simply so they can experience this Waylon Jennings and Sesame Street? awesome.)

4) Right Place Wrong Time - Dr. John (This song is just one of those old favorites I have been playin a lot recently...makes me feel like groovin')

5) Papas Got a Brand New Bag - James Brown (I have made a lot of new decisions in my life lately..and this song makes me feel good about every one of them :) )

6) Still (I love you still) - Willy Deville (I love my boyfriend. He is amazing. Wonderful. Everything I could ever ask for. But there is still a very small place in my heart that will always beling to the one who came before :-/ )

7) Stay A Little Longer - Ole Rasmussen and Tommy Duncan (This song just makes me want to dance, break out those two steppin boots and hea don out to the dance hall :) Who's with me?)

8) Aint No Grave - Johnny Cash (Sang this in church on Easter has not left my playlist since)

9) Redheaded Woman - Bruce Springsteen (This is pretty much a red head anthem right :-p)

10) Give me One Reason - Tracy Chapman (This was my break up anthem for my last I just continue to listen because it is so much fun to sing :) )

What about you? Top 10 At the moment?
brittanyranee brittanyranee
Jul 30, 2010