I Have A List Of Rules.

The rules started when i did something very stupid, i had won a rubber-pellet gun at a carnival, and i accidentally shot a friend in the eye with it. It didnt do any damage, it want really dangerous, it just hurt like hell. I decided then and there that i needed rules to live by.

What started as almost a joke, ended up being something i take quite seriously.

The Rules:

1) Never point anything dangerous at someone's head

2) Value the Valueable

3) Stay off the Bandwagon

4) Never Drink Alone
I break this one a lot, but i don't break the spirit of the rule.

5) Think before you joke

6) Do not become a burden

7) Never assume friendship or forgiveness

8) Others above yourself

9) Take it like a man

10) Pay your debts

11) Know your place
Be it at the top or the bottom, there is something to be said for this one.

12) Never lose sight of the up side
Important with a history of depression

13) Live for love
Recent, but it was kinda the cure for depression, so it earned its place

Also, if anyone recognises this from someone else's post, well, i have a confession, i had a previous account on Experience Project, but i used an email i have since lost, and i cant remember the password, so i had to make a new account here.

Yes, it is I, DJPanda!!
MrWinstonSmith MrWinstonSmith
26-30, M
Dec 15, 2012