Rule 9

Now, i have a very high standard of what it means to be a man, and not many people qualify, i just hope that i can.

A man should
-Manage his burdens without burdening others*
-Never back down from something because its too hard
-Help others more than he receives help
-Take anything in his stride**
-Be loyal to his friends and loved ones***
-Have goals, and work achieve them
-Have the grace to admit defeat when it happens
-Treat people at least as well as they deserve

The 3rd point was originally to not need help, but everyone needs help sometimes, and only a fool denies that.

*Bullying counts as burdening others, needing assistance because of disability doesn't count as burdening others.
**You can be broken up inside, but take it like a man. Also, by take anything in your stride, i mean ANYTHING, my 2010 proves it can be done. Infact, during december of 2010, i was deeply depressed, and suffering from kidney stones (damn things lasted to christmas) at the same time! and i still attended my lectures, bought christmas presents, and even continued to participate with society activities.
***you'd be surprised how often people fail this one

It is a tall order to fill out this list, but a real man should manage it. Im JUST short of number 1 or i would manage that list. I dont have a job, and so am relying on family to support me because the Job Centre refuses to pay me a penny of job seekers allowance because of a technicality. (im still registered as a student with my university, even though i don't actually go there anymore)

Oh well, at least im close.

If there is anything that makes a man that you think i have overlooked, excluding the obvious biological aspect, feel free to tell me.
MrWinstonSmith MrWinstonSmith
26-30, M
1 Response Dec 15, 2012

It is nice to hear someone else holding their life up to a high standard. I have yet to consider myself a real woman, but I'm getting there. Just a little more progress.

why would anyone want to hold themselves to a low standard?

Right on!