~ * ~} Wasted {~ * ~

a toxic haze of hard boiled emotions
tumbles up and stings my eyes;
portals to a burned out hull
the spirit withers in me

these are the days
i aspire to drown the need
or get strung out
someplace numb

but i
i am reckless
taking chances where they are slim and none
living dangerously is my drug of choice
WoobieTuesday WoobieTuesday
36-40, F
17 Responses May 5, 2011

The danger you seek is all around us.

Nay deary, the spirit does not wither within you. Your perception of it may wither, but these risks you take will undoubtedly create times where ... where your spirit will leap out and show you she's still there really. One dangerous decision is all it takes, and BAM you're back to life. I dunno how it works, but I've seen it before and I'm considering it myself!

Awww... i really loved that. thank you, D9 (so sorry about the late response, i missed these last few until just tonight!) XOXOXO

Hey, just found this again and didn't remember a word. What a wonderful feeling, getting to feel those same things twice. But I am beginning to get more from it, now. Hard-boiled - been around for ages, hot and bubbly. nyce. Also living dangerously - my new year's resolution is Be Bold, FAIL. Because being bold and going for it leads to failure far less often than the world would have you think ;)

And again, in 2015. And you called me D9. *swoon* I miss those times.

fk yes. me fkn too.


*sigh* oh, pretty. you're my rock aintcha?! ROCKAMYSOUL... tea please, with thee.... NOW!! you hear that, universe!? i said NOW! :0]<br />
<br />
cuddles... i just love it that you men are sensing implications of anger, power and rebelliousness. especially given that this thing was written at the height of weakness. thanks for unearthing that, fellas. i needed the reminder. XOXOXO

bought back some fond memories for me woobster and love the implied power. unfortunately i think ive submitted more to the measured caution of middle age now ;o) lol

Woobles dear, perhaps a spot of tea? If you find you have no more strenght. just remember how magically strong I am and let me hold you up ok? I can stand still for an eternity if you need me to.. I love u. knoaswoobie. i sure miss you.

thank you Eve, i'm glad you were moved. :0] ((*HUGS BACK!*))<br />
<br />
wabbs. *sigh* i can't wait to read what you come up with. i'm sure it'll knock my socks off...!

A very moving ex<x>pression. *Hugs*

i so know what you mean about this being difficult... I joined the group immediately, knowing it applied, and since then do you know how many times i've started writing and scrapped the copy? It's a tough one.

...thank you, sweet Prince. *smile* i think that you and Jimmy picked up on something that i didn't even realize myself. idn't that funny? :0]

thanks everybody... this was a tough one for me. i truly appreciate your love...and your likes!! :0] <br />
*muah!* XOXOXO

There is power in those words Woob's. That same power will pull you through....*hugs*

chicky chicky chicky,..........chicky chicky chicky...Muah!<br />
<br />


@ Jimmy, Good Doctor... your eyes, they see a lot. :0]<br />
<br />
thank you friends... XOXOXO


Written with verve and flamboyance... and I also sense a little anger in the background...