.......and Sometimes Hour To Hour.

I used to be the one who made long range plans.  My calendar was full and I never stopped running.  Aah, but no more are the days of to do lists and schedules to keep.  No longer do I keep a calendar in every room of my home, the glovebox of my cars and another in my purse. Those daily squares filled with appointments and get togethers, short term goals and plans for the future are a thing of the past.  My life has drastically changed and I have had to change with it or get left behind!

For many years I took time for granted.  I'd think, "Oh, I'll have the time to do this or that later" or I would just make a plan knowing I had "all the time in the world" to execute it.   I was forced to see that I may not have all the time in the world.  My calendars and to do lists and schedules are quite useless to me now.  I never know what the sunrise will bring or if I will see the sun rise.

Due to some issues with my health, I have learned to slow down and take each day one at a time.  I am thankful every morning when I wake up that I have been given another 24 hours to hug my loved ones, play with my grandchildren, enjoy my work, or talk to my friends.  I cherish each moment, each hour, each day that is given to me.  They are a blessing and I take nothing for granted.  I bought a calendar this year, like always, but only one so I know what day it is......there is no writing on it, only a check mark as each day passes. 

Yes, I live day to day and sometimes hour to hour.

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Oh thank you Miss Unshakable for the lovely comment. Yes, you and I have been friends and Sisters for a long time and I am the blessed one and all the better for it. I still light my candles every night and ask my goddess to lift you up, light your path, and bring healing to your body. I love you, my beautiful Sister, you have brought joy and happiness to my life. Thank you for being my friend :) Bright blessings to you and Philip. Peace and light.... Your sister J~

My dearest (J) Giggles.When i first came on EP you were my first few friends.Having you as my dearest friend is a gift from GOD.I remembered the times when i was down with so many challenges,you were always there for me.You started a healing circle for me and always will light candles and pray for me and my family.I am very grateful to you.I saw you "grow and glow" when Trooper came into your life.Your transformation to now is purely by LOVE of GODDESS and Love Ones.HUGS AND LOVE.GOD BLESS

WooHoo!! more hugs ;)

Will do, Miss Giggles. They all miss you, too. We still have the same two dispatchers and they ask about you all the time. Come see us soon and bring Trpr. Hugs back at you ;)

Oh, you're gonna make me cry again!!! Argh, you know I hate getting all teary eyed in front of you..... you still are "one" of my favorite lawmen.... tahaha, Trooper is NUMERO UNO.....but I love all my policemen ;) Thank you for your kind words. {{{{HUGS}}}} to you, my friend ;) You tell everyone @ the station there that I miss seeing them and one of these days I just might show up with a picnic basket and we'll have a midnight break and catch up.... I'd love it.

I watched you for years running and doing and keeping up with life... you still laugh out loud and love out loud and are an inspiration to all of us who know you. You were not only my neighbor, you were my best friend and still are, sweet lady. You and your husband deserve many happy years together and that is alway my prayer for you. Hugs from your "former" favorite lawman ;)

ROFL.... yes, I shall watch my language =) Aaw, if he pulled you over it would only be to give you a big hug!! We love you!!!

Lol, "butterfly with a runny nose" ... eeewwww that does sound bad! Aaw, go on with your bad self, you are prejudice... tahahaha now tell me more :) <br />
Yes, I love SC (Missy, AF, Siobhan) whatever!! and of course I am mad about Miss Alluneedis. She's wonderful. Lol, I'm in a HUGGIES mood! ((((((HUGS)))))) to you all..... (you get your's later Fluffy)

Put your box of kleenex away and let me dry those tears. There is nothing worse than a beautiful butterly with a runny nose ;) I love you my darling Irish Fire. The reason you have been given such a wonderful gift is because you give all of us such love and friendship. <br />
<br />
@ Miss SC and Miss Alluneedis... you both have blessed our family. Thank you for your comments on Giggles post. I appreciate all you have said.

Oh Missy, I am the one honored by you and Miss Alluneedis. You both bless me beyond words. And you know how I feel about my Trooper... I need not repeat myself (LOVE him ;) okay, I couldn't help it! lol <br />
Thank all of you for your kind and generous words. I have been given the gift of love and friendship by so many here on ep and it helps me to keep on checking off those days on my calendar and looking forward to many more. I love you all so much.... ok, getting really mushy here and I'll need a box of kleenex in a minute! <br />
xoxox J~

Miss Giggles, every time I come on ep I find another story you have written with such grace and heartfelt emotion. I am blessed each and every time, not just by your words, but by those who choose to comment. The words of Trpr and the words of Alluneedis have touched my soul. I am so honored to be among your family and your circle on EP. And I learn how to live each day to it's fullest watching you. You give me the strength and courage to go forward when I feel like falling back and giving up. We all need to take a page from your book of life and cherish each moment, each hour, each day of our lives and be thankful for all we have been blessed with. Thank you for this post. (((HUGS))) Missy

Oh, my Sister, what you said is absolutely beautiful. I no longer live "up North" but I remember to this day the diamonds sparkling after a fresh snowfall. Yes, they don't last but thier beauty lasts in our memory, in our heart, and in our spirit. To liken that to a human spirit who passes on is just so lovely and so true. And rest assured, my wonderful friend, if I should finish my race before you..... you will feel me hugging you, smiling at you, and loving you from beyond the veil. I won't be far... just close your eyes and I'll be there ;) Thank you for this comment... it has brought joy to my heart tonight. <br />
Peace to your heart, light to your spirit, and bright blessings forever and a day. I love you!

I never meant to make anyone cry with this, just maybe slow down a bit and love each other a little more and enjoy life. Now, no more crying...promise? I'm doing pretty good lately and I just might write something on my calendar this year! lol, smiles and hugs to you :)

I think you give me too much credit, my dear, but thank you. I'm grateful for each and every moment of my days. And I'm blessed to share them with you!

We should all take a page out of your book and slow down a bit instead of waiting to be forced into it. None of us are assured of even one more day. I've learned so much from you about life and living it to the fullest. I can never thank you enough for all you do. Your friends and family love you so much and you inspire us to be better, love more, and take the time to enjoy life.....thank you baby.