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Special Soul

You conquered me

With your roguish way

Your prose, verses and no sense

A man, a boy still.


Reading your messages,

10, 20 or 50 wonderful dreams

That I receive every day,

Each one in a unique way

Brings me strength and it gives hope

Transmit pleasure and joy.


You are the treasure of life

Magic words from your heart

Always with touch of fondness

Like the stars in the night

Taking a place in my love nook


Life is happiness,

When I am fortunate

To have someone like you

Like the breathe I need


For your honesty and love

I thank life everyday

Today, tomorrow, always.

Kissing trough messages...


deleted deleted 26-30 4 Responses Jan 13, 2009

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poetic and intense.

Beautiful Princess.

Lucky guy!

This is sweet. I hope you get to kiss through something other than messages soon, though.