I Am Unique

I never was one to fit in with what everyone else was into.

I`ve always had my own sense of style, my unique quirks, unusual interests, an artistic/creative bent. Never been one to care what is thought of me, as long as the reaction I provoke is not one that is physically violent.

There is nothing I love more than to mess with someones mental safety zones. Nothing sinister. Just things like wearing tie dyed hot pink and green cheese-cloth pants to a blues festival, where most of the crowd are bikers in greasy denim.  I get off on being super happy around willfully surly, or rude people. I am also not afraid to challenge racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic attitudes.

I dig being a stay at home dad, and doing all the mummy stuff. I genuinely do love the act of being a dad, but I also love the fact that I spend my days doing decidedly non-macho stuff, and wear some the negative reactions I get from both male and female aquaintances as a badge of honour.

There are percieved draw-backs to being a wilfull individual, or so my wife tells me. Like the fact that I`m not part of a herd. She is always on my case to show an interest in blokey things like sport, cars and boasting, and that I should work hard at broadening my social circle.

Why? Why on earth would I want to be a false me, just so that I can talk rubbish with people I have nothing in common with?

I really do like my own company. Nobody, except for my young son makes me laugh the way I do. I am proud to stand out as different, even if that difference is often percieved as unusual. I`m not ant-social, I`m just unique, and I`m more than happy strike up a long friendship with anyone who may be like-minded.

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3 Responses Mar 23, 2009

Being an individual is the only way of being true to yourself. I know that I don't want to be sheep. You have made your life the way you want it and it makes you happy. Why in the world would you want to change that? I applaud your bravery and honesty in being yourself. There really is no one else you can be without being a fake. Keep enjoying your life and the people who accept you the way you are. The others don't matter. Just give them a BAAAAAAA and go on with your happiness. :)

You have a wonderful outlook tatteredwings. Thanks for sharing.

I also am an individual that does not fit into societies mold and have been looked down upon, frowned upon and basically felt like I do not belong for instance....<br />
<br />
Married into an interacial marriage<br />
homeschooled my kids<br />
stayed home with my kids till they were teens<br />
Would rather be outside camping in the woods than being on vacation in a fancy hotel<br />
and the list goes on<br />
I am way off the beaten path and figure Im here to make me happy no one else because on my final day on this earth I want to look back and smile and say I did it all my way and to hell with everyone else