The Little That Is Big

There were times I felt sad, lonely and not loved, but I knew I could not expect from people to be with me all the time. Each one of us chooses what path we want to take and with whom we want to have around. I have no right to judge or say they are wrong.
I have learned to understand to value things better. I learned to have little and feel well with this little. I treasure the little that people allow me, the little that is insufficient for others, but enough for me.
I have discovered that this little can be a lot and that everything I have today is only temporary. If this little stays longer, then I am happier, but if not I am happy still. I know some people think different; this little can be empty, cold and almost nothing. I have felt this way before, but today not anymore. This little has been able to give me big feelings, the ones that keep me alive. These are seconds in my life that didn’t stay for hours, but for a lifetime…
And I live for little moments like that.
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12 Responses Jul 10, 2010

Little connections can give lasting memories. These little things can make some of us very happy, to others it is insignificant. Little connections that can form dreams that give us smiles. Little connections that can become realities that make memories forever.

that is so beautiful

Everyday is learning........ Thank you TEP......

All so true.Its these small little blessings and blessings in disguises that added up to so much that makes our lives so meaningful.

lol, complicate me all you like, <br />
<br />
still a bit left to this feable brain to sort out the complexities I think :-)

Another story from you to treasure

ah princess such full deep words.<br />
<br />
This one is complicated to me, so deep. very important message here. <br />
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Thanks for sharing<br />
<br />
less can be more, and a little can be a lot.<br />
<br />
your few words say so much :-)<br />
<br />
thanks :-*

Well said princess.

that is really beautiful and very profound tendereyesprincess... I so agree with you. Appreciating small blessings and the wonderful moments in life is so important, they can nourish you far more than some of the more usually accepted major life events.

TEP~wow you hit a home run here! I learned very recently from someone very close to me, that even the smallest moments we have together last forever, even if they seem like they are over in an instant. I never take them for granted, instead keep replaying them over in my mind. They are indelibly etched in that special part of my minnd, reserved only for them. Then I look forward to more little moments to come, which bring huge smiles to my face, and make me happier than ever. I applaud how lovely you put this!

it's true :) and we wouldn;t know whoat happiness actually is without feeling the sadness, would we?<br />

I think you have learned a LOT ! Thank you TEP :)