Its One Of The Things That Makes Me Feel Alive

Ever since i was a baby my dad used to take me downstairs so my mum could sleep and he would play blues rock bands and Id eventually fall asleep, in childhood Ive never had phases in music sure I like a style like crazy for a said amount of time but I still listen to all my first ever albums to this day...
I love Rock music mainly and thats most of what is linked into the web of rock like Punk, Heavy Metal (and even that has its own web of genres, any fan will know this), Hardcore, Grunge, Industrial, Alternative, Screamo, Progressive & Glam and all the oldie styles around their time and before like Southern and Blues... I also love Electronic music; mainly Breakbeat, House, Electro, Some Dubstep, Rave, and Psytrance... I like Hip Hop too but im more fussy as I only like ones with a phat beat and lyrics that tell a song not just ''yo yo'' formula, mainly the 80/90s acts like De La Soul, Us3, Cypress, House of Pain, NWA and all that, the only modern ones I like are Fort Minor, Eminem and Dizzee, and beyond them its the rapcore bands... I love ska and reggea!! I think liking the more mellow stuff adds nicely to my web of lively rock, i also love listening to acoustic stuff and the virtuso music, Ive only slowly gotten into Jazz related styles like Fusion, Acid Jazz and I really like Funk too since ive learnt to play it a lot better and I also like parody music too like Ten-D, Steel Panther and Bill Baileys work... there are alot of sick soundtracks out there too especially on some games ive played when younger, its cool going back to the songs realising their awesomely written... well that should convince a joe that I really like my music lol

At first I took up drums at around 12/13 but i seriously sucked i couldnt co-ordinate my hands and feet right, and they said it was the easiest to play... yeah right, school made me sick of drawing art because they wouldnt let me explore my own style but luckily i had taken up guitar for jokes and turns out I was learning damn fast, when i got into a band and played on stage I can tell you this playing live is ecstacy if the gigs good and your all on top of your game, and as for gigs I go to them all the time its getting to about 30-40 major now and lost count of local gigs long ago, in certain scene's fanbases are legends to hang around with, a great band on stage fills my brain with endorphins and blood with adrenalin from all the chaos of mosh-pits and whatever random stuff happens (once one guy picked on a disabled dude so he took off his prosthetic arm and beat the bully with it! so metal!) a really good rock festival is just one massive 5 day party too

I think if you play and instrument and your passionate about it then you should keep that alive, the rock scene im in is all divided and all f-cked up with tons of conflict and confusion and mainstream music is just plain rubbish besides a very few good artists. I feel im lucky to be young in this decade musically because festivals and gigs are vibrant and as well as so many bands around it seems to be the cool thing for all these reunions to be popping up so im able to see just about every band i like live :) i want to be a part of this for as long as i can.

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18-21, M
Oct 21, 2009