Well its that time of the night again and im in the moment. As such i am about to embark on a journey thatwill take me to a place i love and cherrish the best thing is i dont know where that will take me. All i know is that im meant to go. Its times like these i can never put into words but its so profound that i feel invinceable. Almost not of this earth but of a different dimension. Rediculous to some but real as the back of my hand to me, the feling it gives me is that of pure freedom and happiness one in which i will cherrish for the rest of my life as i know it will be with me forever as i have experienced this since i was very little. I believe this is a gift that was given to me when i was just a tiny boy. I have pushed it away till recently but am now starting to realize why this was given. We are all on our own journey and wish though that everybody could experience what it is that i am but to no avail. All i can say is that i hope the ones that read this can get something out of it and act on it in the only way they know how. So i will jump in my cruiser 78 and drive into the high country and breath that fresh mountain air and watch the sun rise in the most spectacular way ive ever seen and spend hours rejoicing in the sun and its gift for life.After which i will smile with a jack until my face hurts as i know that this is something that i have to do.The simple things ay, thank god im alive.
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1 Response Feb 12, 2011

Thank god you're jumping in a cruiser, I was getting worried and I thought something dreadful had happened to you, so I read your last entry here to see if I could work out what was going on with you. Enjoy the fresh air and take a break from your woes my friend... you deserve it, i'll be here when you return if you wanna chat (i'm getting a new laptop soon)<br />
<br />
C. :)