What Are Your Little Moments In Life?

So I am a filmmaker in the making. And because of this, I am always looking at life from a very appreciate perspective. The thing with film is that it has the power capture a moment in time so beautifully, despite whether the content is funny, awful, depressing, or nostalgic, it doesnt matter, its about capturing life.
So what I want to know is... I'm sure you guys are all on here to tell your stories or your little experiences or just blurt out all your feelings to strangers so that you don't go insane! Well... I want to hear your stories and moments in your life that have changed you. They can be good moments or bad ones. I just want to celebrate life in general and be inspired by people like you :)
So please, if you feel up to it, send me a message and tell me about something in your life that has happened to you, whether it be fantastic or completely heartbreaking, I want to listen and be inspired by you!
trehsha trehsha
18-21, F
Mar 13, 2011