I Expect Nothing , Surprise Me

  Ive learned, There is no better feeling than having someone (( one person or many ))  who can just read you, or anticipate your every move, thought, word, or feeling without even asking.  I am a very easy going girl who just truly lives for the little moments in life that make me feel something in my soul.  I tend to forget how to just smile, laugh, playfully flirt, or just be seduced by my atmospheric stimulation as i never act that way unless you trigger me to want to lol.  I am always on the go and always mentally preoccupied to the point of never being able to stop and remind myself how to just feel and love. 

My boyfriend is amazing on every level for who he is however he is the same way i am lol.  We both tend to forget to just switch each other from reality to fantasy as im sure many couples in this world can relate.  Ive had people in my life that are also the same so that doesnt help me at all lol. 

When i joined this site i believe i was looking for something different not realizing i was intentionally looking for anything at all as in life i go with the flow and let others lead me in the living life for the little feelings way.  I never expect anything from anyone in life or on here as im fairly independent on all levels of balance in my daily life. 

What ive found that actually is very different than anything ive ever known is that there are actually people out there who have the ability to bring that side out of me just by being themselves.  An example,  I went to work one day and came home and did the normal home routine then signed on here and out of the blue someone came to me and just being themself showed me parts of life i forget exist sometimes.  Its the random way someone can just make me smile, laugh, melt, feel desired, in a playful flirtation and keep me enticed in whatever interaction we have at that moment.  I never knew people could trigger me that way wihtout even trying lol. 

I love the feeling of being dazed and confused by someones actions or reactions towards me im not expecting or someone who just (( being who they are naturally))  knows just what to say and just what to do to keep my heartrate confused and keep me enticed in just having them there.  I love when someone can be sweet one minute, next be serious in a topic of conversation , and out of nowhere just flip me upside down by surprise by turning flirtatious with me holy hell being taken from one extreme to the other with no warning that is the true feeling that keeps me feeling alive and ill never get bored if there is a single soul out there that has that ability with me without changing wo they are to be that way omg im drawn in so easy by that type of personality lol

Now,  i used to think i was a lesbian simply for the fact of women can be that way naturally (( the open and mentally seductive type lol))  i love a confident, cocky, sexy , fun playful lady who can just keep me confused (( feeling drunk lol ))  if you all know what im meaning by that, its the best way to describe the actual feeling i get when it happens. 

Based on that i believed hell that im a lesbian then one day i met my boyfriend now and for the last three years ive been in that (( drunken state of mind )) with him to where i never want another man but i never want to lose him.........obviously im not a lesbian .....lol......although based on the idea that i love every aspect of beign wtih a woman im guessing that makes me bisexual lol. i never think of a woman in a sexual manner and if i do its because she triggers me to and for that moment of playing and flirting or actually being physically and intimately in contact im game for anything.  After that moment is over untill the next one is triggered out of me i never actually think in that direction with her untill she leads me there lol...IN COMES COCKIDENCE WHICH I LOVE A WOMAN WHO ISNT AFRAID TO MIND SPELL ME HERE AND THERE LOL .......if i with a girl as in a relationship than that is different and im all about the element of surprise with her going both ways.  If im just a freind with her than its strictly moment by moment and i rarely start anything iwth her lol

then i started being approached by ladies (((of that type )))).....and was triggered by who they were towards me those qualities came out and i was seriously confused.  then one day i realized i cant fall in love with a woman at all and i am in love with my man .   So what the heck was happeniing here i had to search my confusiion for a long time.  Then i met a lady who was that exact way iwth me and i decided to find out well i finally figured it out its not the gender for me its the way they can JUSTENTICEME........im in love with my man forever however i love a woman who can just do whatever it is she is able to do to me just by way of conversation and keeping me enticed in her words and ways towards just basic interaction and friendship.   so im free now i know now what it is about you intriguing crazy RANDOM ladies who posses what i call COCKIDENCE just anytime we interact .......ill never get bored with it and because i never expect anything you all say or do with me im easily a target for seduction and completely being swept away or caught off guard.  Thank you ladies for beign able to have that ability with me as its some of the greatest feelings a girl could ever experience and knowing i cant fall in love with you over it makes the feelings you give me unexpectedly even more impacting ......I love a woman who can spellbound me or as i said make me feel drunk ......not too many of them can so i welcome you to my world if you can hahah.

sorry to ramble all i just thought i would share my feelings on this matter with you maybe some of you can relate maybe not but its just me.

31-35, F
10 Responses Mar 15, 2009

LOL I will never figure you gals out, but I try.

Aww well that was sweet of you to say and I respect your wanting to learn about us women. As you see we are simple creatures once you figure us out lol

I know that this story was not written for guys, but I read it and it gave me a little more insite into the mind of a womam. And I thank you for that.

thank you for taking the time to read my ramble lol.......your comments are appreciated greatly. and yes it will happen when you least expect it :)

well thank you very much for your kind thoughtful comments ....yes i was born and raised in bakersfield city of the rock group korn as i went to high school with one of them lol......moved all through cali ....lived there for 25years ended up in san diego then moved here lol

No problem.. It was a well written story and I enjoyed it.. Cali is a great place to be from.. Nice to meet you also.. xx

thank you for taking the time to read my story its very nice to meet you miss cali girl ......i also am originally a cali girl myself born and raised. nice of you to cross my path

Oh I do and I know... She's amazing... :) xx

Yes Yes she is and she was an amazing lady to know. Cherish that girlfriend of yours you are a lucky lady to have her.

That sounds like my sexy girlfriend justatigress.. She's alot like that.. I love it... xx