Beautiful, Heart-stopping, Soul-grabbing Sentiments That Defy All Description

I think this is why I started collecting cards.  Many of them have images which, to me, describe a scene or idea that simply can't be put into words.  The only way to capture that memory, and return to it occasionally, was to make a puchase, and add it to my albums.

I worked briefly -- many years ago -- as a photographer.  Both then, and during my training in college, I loved going out and trying to capture this sentiment.  Very often, that beautiful panorama or breathtaking scene could not even be captured on film.  It truly defied description.  You had to be there to appreciate it.

One such moment I've been waiting for, and feeling just a touch restless about, what with summer being here and all, is for a woman to fall completely in love with me, without qualifications or conditions.  Now that will be a moment I won't be able to describe. 

No, I'm not throwing out a hint here, anyone.  I'm just saying. 

Many of those times when you're with someone special defy all description as well.  Or, one could write a short story about that one moment.  But all those emotions, values, all of the excitement, contentment, inner peace, plus details, details, details, would simply bury the reader.  Probably best not to try, to leave it one of those moments you really can't put into words.

UnderEli UnderEli
46-50, M
Jul 21, 2009