Guys these days need to get something straight-

Going for women just because of the fact that they're showing their boobs, getting drunk on the weekends, and are artificially beach blonde will land you someone with equal value in return-

I'm not saying these girls don't have value. I believe we are all equal

But if you are looking for somewhat of a real, stable relationship, you might as well give up, go back to your corner and put on the dunce hat.

I understand looking nice, I like to look nice too. But the attitudes and self worth that usually come with the beach blonde hair, the fake tan, and the boob jobs is something you don't want to deal with.

On the flip side- girls- don't let a guy make you feel like you are any less than beautiful and worthy.

Guys these days expect way too much out of a girl

It is not your responsibility to act a certain way, be a certain way, do certain things, send certain nude pictures, or hang out with certain people.

The only responsibility you owe is the responsibility to be yourself and be who you want to be

If doing drugs every weekend and putting out for any guy that asks is who you want to be, then I won't argue it. Be that person.

But whatver kind of feelings or love that you lack in your life that is causing you to reach out in that manner to find someone who can make you feel like you are worth something- this is not the solution to those feelings of need.

In return you are going to get someone equally as shallow that will only facilitate your downward spiral.

I may be wrong, and if you think I am- fine, this is my opinion, that is yours and I will respect it.

Just try to have an open mind about what I am trying to say here. Thanks.
kxCobra kxCobra
22-25, F
Aug 7, 2014