Go Figure

I always tried to clean all his mess, literally but he keeps everything very scattered,

He never kept his promise. He says good things to happen but those words remain as they are: sentences, paragraphs and letters, NO ACTION.

I kept on believing and it's so tiring,

When I was new in my job. I requested him to take care of our son on weekdays and I will get him on weekends. For two weeks, everything was fine. On the third week, he was making alibis. Saying that our son was sick and he can't drop him to my place. On the fourth week, he said, the kid must stay with him. He refused to give back my son.

I cannot do anything for the time being. I only told him that I will seek legal advice. I stopped communicating with him. I did not answer his phone calls and messages. It's useless to talk to someone with unstable mind.

After 2 weeks, he gave him back. Our son doesn't know the real score between us. He was barely a year old when we left his dad. He grew up idolizing him. Whenever his dad was around, I was invisible. It hurt but it's okay.

Now, after being with his father for a month, his behavior changes. He doesn't wanna stay with his dad anymore. I don't know what happened but there's a drastic change by the way he treats his dad. Now, he's always taking  my side. Obviously he learned something about the father he idolized who now seem to be just a plain dad to him.

I asked why?

My five year old son simply answered, "I love you both but I wanna stay with you.  He did not take care of me like the way you do."

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This is a hard story for me to read... it brings back memories. In a similar situation when denied access, I did seek legal advice, and in an unusual turn of events (for a man), won custody of my two boys. I never kept them away from their mother though, and in the end, with the distances between their mother and I, the boys felt denied of their mother's role. When the youngest son told me one day remembered the wonderful pies and other special things done by their mother for them, I realized it was a total fantasy and had to do more with what the world expects of mothers than what their mother actually ever provided. I'm sad to say that it still affects them today as young men.

I know for sure that the bond between the mothers and children is the hardest to break.

And really, it's for a good reason... (usually) should be proud for being their dad.

sounds like the kid knows who loves him more :) good for you darlings :)

Great Mom

thank you..:)

Your kid is very special to have such a caring mom....

I am a spoiler. :)

At 5 years old, your son already knows what really matters. That probably made you feel great. And it should.

he's sharp and I like it.

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