All I can say is I try and try and try to please him but it never works. I used to . Plus he's selfish.

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I dont know what i was thinking when i allowed my husband to steal my heart . Seems like we are in the same boat . The more i try the more he takes. The more i forgive the worse he gets. Everything is about him

I know what you mean. my husband is a jerk, ungrateful and on top of that doesn't believe in god and believes he's right every time everywhere. I'm stuck in my marriage and I don't know what to do (it's only been 11 months). Good Luck

Well all I can say is I never think one person does everything right and the other is always wrong. If that was the case you would not married him because two wrongs want make it right

That is actually pretty impressive, good advice, I will try to get him into a christian councelor with me and see what happens. Thanks

I have no way of knowing what lays ahead, I know it will be hard but I must try, I care.

I am not quite sure.

Is it worth it all to stay?<br />
<br />
I'm curious to what you think there will be ahead...

Yes I am a christian and thanks

*hugs*<br />
tough eh? yah.

Are you a Christian?

What can I do when nothing works?

Love for that person deep down, my son and love for my kids, my beliefs, and a desire to make it work and try to please. I know not very good. I am hurting but I do care.