Does Anyone Out There Love Old Houses?

Year before last I was driving 130 miles round trip everyday to commute back and forth to work.  I had been doing that for 12 years.  The highway has gotten more crowded as the area east of Austin has grown in population. Sooo I decided to try to find an inexpensive house closer in to my job.  I didn't want to live in Austin because it's just too busy.   I found a house that was built between1910 & 1915.  Let me tell you,  they don't build houses today that would last this long.  The rooms are large with 12-14 ft ceilings. The walls behind the sheet rock are solid wood, which is a great insulation.  I have a huge pecan tree in the yard that measure 8 feet in diameter.  The house is a money pit, but that's ok because I'm almost finished with what needs to get done.  I love living in this house.  It has character.
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I think that is awesome! I love old houses as well as just old things in general; there is a great fascination drawing me to look at them and wonder about their history! Sometimes my imagination takes me into a fantasy that would make a wonderful story! Lucky you! I wish you well and pray that God will help you in being happy and successful!

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anyway -- yes, they don't build them like they used to! does your house have original door hinges and knobs? tin ceilings? great woodwork? can you post pix?

Totally with you. It's funny because I grew up in an ultra-modern house, all glass and high ceilings, designed by Frank Lloyd Wrong. But about 15 years ago I bought a small Victorian that dates back to 1900. Charming as all get out, huge yard, massive trees, and get this, a gentleman's barn - room enough for one horse, one carriage, and a loft. I hope to convert it to a studio one day. I have plenty of friends who live in these expensive soul-less "McMansions" - but I wouldn't trade my little shoebox for the world. It has character - and I think a ghost.

I would love to live in a house like that.