2nd Time Around

This month I'll be moving into a basement apartment for the 2nd time in my life. I don't actually find it particularly alluring--but those penthouse suites get a little pricey. The first one had a daylight side with a sliding glass door--although it was haunted! But that's another story... -this one's in an older building so none of that fancy stuff--we get to see feet walking by in this one. We also get to do some of the finish work--like electrical outlets! Woohoo! yeah... I'll let you know how THAT goes...

Unlike the last place, which was in the suburbs, this is also the first time I'll be smack in the middle of a large-scale city, so I'm excited and nervous about that at the same time.

Right now I'm trying to figure out how to hang stuff on concrete and how to make the ceiling seem higher. Where do you get cheap rugs??? So nothing too exciting to report yet. I definitly remember a few unique features from basement living the first time though--like people's reactions when they find out where your apartment is (I especially like the ones that are, like *afraid* to go down the stairs and enter--what? "Abandon hope all ye...") And then there was the time all the bees came in looking for someplace warm in the winter. And a boa constrictor...

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3 Responses Mar 9, 2009

Try Target for the rugs.....I know that my store has lots of clearance.....Hanging this...Well that is a but tougher......maybe the stickie tabs.....But I really do not know about that one....But the rugs...That I still say try target...<br />
<br />
Me I would love a basement apartment...Hell I would love any apartment....Even a storage unit at the moment...as long as she did not come with it...

heh--its not QUITE that bad--but still pretty dark and dingey! Mostly it was just a royalty free pic LOL

The photo for this group is of a freakin crawlspace!<br />
heh<br />
Try lots of white paint?<br />
Good luck....