Big Is a Relative Term

I suppose what I consider a big house may not be all that big by some people's standards.  We have about 4000 sq feet with our developed walk out and 20 ft ceilings in the family room and living room.

I remember looking at this house many years ago when it was a show home and thinking I would probably never live in such a beautiful house. 

There are certain things about this house that have been a disappointment such as the way rain leaks into the living room window when the wind blows from the north.

We have so much space now that we can spend evenings without ever seeing eachother.  I realized that my level of unhappiness has increased with each increase in square footage and sometimes I wish for the days of our first little house. 

Francescanolonger Francescanolonger
46-50, F
Dec 26, 2007