Boring Marriage

Really?  I am the only one here that feels this way?  I am 50 years old and been married for30 years.  maybe thats the problem.  We have nothing in common and i never knew this until all my children moved out of the house.  It just the two of us.  i remeber when we were first dating we would go to a resturant and see couples just sitting there with nothing to say to each other.  Oh my God this is the way we are becomng,  i would try to bring up conversations and all i get is one word answers, or we would sit and listen to the people sitting next to us talking about there day.  Oh and at night the we watch TV, we use to go to parties and stay out all night , but now Tv.  and the best invention is that you can record the show you might miss.

Come on know one feel this way?

the TV over his wife

jossjt jossjt
46-50, F
Apr 27, 2008