I Chose This

There was a time when I was free, I had no responsibility, no weight on my shoulder or chain on my feet, I could do anything, go anywhere, I could become anything, sky was the limit.

Now I chose to live in the cage, I don't regret it and when the time comes I will choose it again. But I can't stop wandering of what I gained does make up what I lost.

LordVoldemort LordVoldemort
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8 Responses Feb 12, 2009

@ emotionalResq101: I believe you are right, and I am the only one who can do that, but it's not that simple.

the cage that you're in is all in your head trust me i'm my own worst enemy lol<br />
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You need to get yourself out of the cage... you're really the only one who can do that... other people can help you but only you can truly give yourself freedom

you are very welcome

Knowing you're younger doesn't reduce the admiration I feel for you,<br />
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You are right about the low risk, I guess that's why I freely reach out and choose my friends here, and I told you I read your answers and comments and you seem like a really intelligent person.

I love your logic, I guess since you have more experience in life than me, you know better.<br />
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But I could argue about keeping people out. If you had not let me in as a friend I would never get to know you. So I am willing to risk the poison sometimes. It's worth finding a good, rare friend.

I sometimes wonder if it is a good thing (keeping us safe) or bad thing (isolate us)?

@ TheRedLady: Thank you, I know I have the keys, but I guess I don't have the courage!!<br />
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@ioanna: You are so right about the choice, but sometimes we have to suffer some losses to gain something better.

A cage is only a cage if you allow it to be. You have the key. You can still have all that you have and still have the sky.