Submissive Wives!! How Do You Please Your Hohs?

Being in a domestic discipline marriage - there are many ways to please your hubby.
I think, we submissive wives and girlfriends think a lot about pleasing our men. Perhaps more that "normal" couples do.
For example - we have rules and guidelines that we try and live by to please our HoH's.
We please our Hohs by obeying them and their wishes and decisions.
We submit to them, make them feel in charge, trust and leave major decisions to them - this pleases them.
We willingly let our HoHs discipline and spank us.
I wear dresses to please my hubby because it pleases him.
Many subs pleasure their HoHs before/during/after discipline

Sharing good ideas are great ways to find more ways to make life wonderful for our men!
What do you do?..
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When I am alone in the house with my hubs, he asked me to remove my knickers because he said he should have access to my bottom at all times. I thought it was a very strange request at the time but it does make me feel very submissive to know there's nothing covering me.

I think this "request" would make a great addition to the everyday-standard-rules. ;-)

well I have three young boys and they often play hide and seek under my skirt lol, wouldn't want them to "seek" anything that they are not meant to lol

These responses all make me smile inside. Dressing pretty and respectful and spending loving time together.... you know I don't deny we are pleasing our husbands when we are doing these things... but you know they bring us great pleasure too.

When we let our men BE men - and don't compete for that position, we get so much more in return. My hubby has changed in so many wonderful ways.
He has taken control over our lives in so many ways, and I just love it.
I used to think that I knew best - but now I know better!

I really believe that the reason there is so much divorce is because men have lost control and that deminishes their manhood, as soon as a man starts to feel less of a man, he starts to loose interest, if he looses interest then he might cheat or certainly he shows less appreciation and love to his woman. I think a TiH relationship feeds love, communication and appreciation so everyone wins :o)

Fully agreed!


Well said Roberta!

You have such a good way of summing things up Roberta!

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I know a lot of us are talking about clothes. I have to say I'm not nearly as traditional as you all are, I could never only wear dresses and skirts but I commend you for doing that! Sweat pants, booty shorts and jeans are my friends! But I am very feminine, and do love dresses and skirts, just not all the time. However, I never leave the house with sweatpants on and dress presentably for every occasion because I love fashion. Just throwing that out there haha.

So I get up with my husband every morning and we get ready together. I have always drank coffee while I get ready so I go put the coffee on when he's either showering or shaving. He showers every morning, I don't because it's time consuming and like to use hot tools on my hair, and keep it for two days, but I do shower with him on days I am :) So he loves to watch me pretty up and since I've been applying makeup since way back in middle school, I can multi-task. It's fun. Sometimes for breakfast I make my favourite Spanish breakfasts but a lot of the time we're in a rush so that's more of a weekend task. He cooks with me sometimes. I always give him a huge hug and kiss before he leaves. Then in a few minutes I'm out the door, so when we get home. And if I've been bad, when he gets home is normally spanking time. But that doesn't happen too often ;) I love to cook beautiful dinners for him, go on walks after dinner or on Sunday afternoons, tell him he's cute and handsome, cuddle him, we love watching TV together, be silly and playing around with each other, and of course sex. I enjoyed reading all your cute stories! So glad we have the privilege to enjoy our marriages like this :)

Wow Coco - you are such a wonderful submissive wife!
You are a credit to us all.
You must have one very happy hubby - it just doesn't get any better - because when they are happy, so are we.
I wear leggings (which are almost pants) and dresses because the more feminine I look, the more masculine my hubby feels.
That is how we like it.

Well my husband really enjoys my hair in pigtails (cliche to me so I never used to do it) so now I try to have it nice, shiny, clean, and in braided pigtails by the time he gets home.

Something he doesnt require (yet) is me making his lunch for work, and coffee for the morning, but I try to get those done before bed if I have time.

I dont know, I feel like between two very small children I barely get time to do what I need to, much less extra. I feel bad I dont do much extra for him. :( I decline sex sometimes (though I do try) but my past makes this one difficult and he understands for the most part. I think I will try to aim for having dinner made, or almost made when he gets home every night. Make it a routine. Every time Ive done it in the past he has been super happy about it.

Thanks for making this post, because its given me a lot of thinking to do.

I've also learned a lot from the replies here.
I decided to wear dresses because they please him.
I also have long hair, because he likes that too.
Anything feminine.
I don't think we have to run ourselves ragged by doing more things than necessary - especially when with small children. But looking nice and giving him a bit more in bed is often what men like.

Yes, I agree. This is an important part.
"Anything feminine" is a nice description..

We've started a new tradition!
I have to get up really early 3 times a week - and now that hubby's in charge of my bedtime curfews - we go early to bed and snuggle!
We used to hang out in front of the TV watching mindless shows - not what I would call quality time together - so we've dropped TV and hug and kiss and cuddle instead!
Now I don't mind going to bed early at all and hubby is pleased!
It doesn't get any better! :0)

I read on another forum a question for all the ladies:
Do you ever say no to sex with your HoH?
I have to admit that it would be totally disrespectful to say no to a wish or desire my HoH had.
I think if you really love someone - then only illness or other body issues could be a reason for denying sex.
What do you think?

It would depend on the question... If "no" is the appropriate answer, then yes I'd tell him no.

However, I've never turned down my husbands offer for sex. And he's never initiated sex when I was ill or unable.

I wouldn't say no but then my husband agreed that he would never say no to me either... I guess it means he doesn't have full control over me sexually but it works pretty well for us :o)

Would like to add that DD is a two way street!
As much as I do for my HoH - he does for me.
He loves to wait on me hand and foot
buys me wonderful things - supports me, makes me dinner and shops!
He loves doing things for me because I have given him the reins to our relationship!

What a great story Jill! I am looking forward to reading other wives answers to this. I always make sure that I am physically attractive for him, I wear dresses and skirts mostly, sometimes in summer, cropped trousers or shorts in pastel colours with a cute blouse but I always dress femininely and wear light make-up and perfume every day.
My husband asked me to wear attractive underwear, I think it's important to do whatever you can so that you feel good in yourself and I agree that matching lingerie does make you feel good. I also do regular hair and beauty treatments at home, I wax my own legs and underarms and go to a beautician who does my bikini line.
I do a 45 minute aerobics DVD every morning so I try to keep myself healthy and motivated and I shower twice daily.
I also think a great way to support you HoH is to provide a place for them to de-stress and unwind, so you make you house a home, pay attention to the details and make a nice dinner for him to come home to. If dinner is going to be late or if there is something going on that means we can't eat together, I have cookie dough in the fridge so that I can bake fresh cookies if he wants them.
I also organise the children so that they are doing something quietly for the time when he comes home as no man wants to walk through the door to a stressful noisy house after a days work. The same is true of jumping on him to tell him all your news and "unload" about your day. We agreed I get my time to talk about my day once the children are in bed, we have both wound down and he can focus and listen more easily :o)

Fantastic Roberta!
All those little extra things that please our men!
You have many wonderful ideas here - thank you so much!
What a lucky man you have!

Dear Rachell
I think the answer to that is individual. Some men like their women shaved, some moderately, some more and some not at all.
The best way to please someone you love is to ask them.
If they like women shaved - then I would do that immediately.
The one you love is the one you want to please completely!
Jack's Jill

my husband never asked me to wax there, he never really had a preference but I always kept myself neat. Now we both prefer that there is very little hair there :o)

I too wear blouses that my HoH enjoys but would never do so in public.
For his eyes only! :0)
The more ideas we share, the more we can please our men!
Wouldn't that be wonderful?

When I feel myself getting off track - I ask for a reminder spanking and then I keep thinking how much I love pleasing and pleasuring my one and only.
That thought makes submitting much easier. Thank goodness we have the guidance of good men!!

@Rachellouisedavies: Body hair is something which is considered more or less a masculine sign. So shaving/waxing is something what makes a body more feminine. I like it if my gf/wife looks more feminine. Therefore I like it more if my female partner is shaved/waxed/etc.

I'd agree with Jill, ask for a reminder spanking and ask your husband to help you maintain your submission by disciplining you when you slip... it gets easier with time I think :o)

Eventually you're all going to be in the hospital after your men take it too far and beat the crap out of you. And I personally wouldn't lift a finger to help since you idiots put yourself in that position. No respect goes to a sniveling housewife who does whatever her husband wants its just disgusting. You are the reason I'm ashamed to be a woman I'd shoot my man if he ever laid a hand on me. I don't need my man to play Daddy my really Daddy taught me how to control and discipline my damn self like an adult you wining 3y/o *****

I will avoid taking offense at your abusive language and judgement. I think it's more 'adult' to accept your faults and with support, make a personal challenge to work on the areas where you would like to get stronger. DD is nothing like abuse, it is extremely controlled, we have a very high level of communication, we agree on the areas we need discipline for and ask our husbands to support us to change, we do it through spanking and yes some parents do that in parenting their kids... so what?? I trust my husband implicitly and we have a very strong and loving marriage, spankings are never given in anger, the only difference between spanking kids is that kids are vulnerable, smaller and more innocent, they don't know what mistakes they are making half the time - it's strange to think that many adults think it's acceptable to spank their kids but in a loving marriage, where adult wives have made an informed consent to be disciplined and act on their weaknesses, it's sick and abusive? Where is the logic in that? Tell me please because I'd really like to know.

You're wecome, my husband is helping me to become politer and less "affected" when I come up against difficult people. I see that it may be working, I'm cool as a cucumber lol :o)

Although now you know that, I'm going to be embarrassed the next time I lose it lol :o)

That was just plain rude...

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