Did You All Do Steak And ******* Day?

I had a fabulous night with my hubs yesterday so thankyou to whoever it was (sorry I forgot) who pointed out that there was an actual day to celebrate this! My husband bless him, he thought all his Christmases had come at once and I really enjoyed myself too. I made him a medium rare steak with roasted meditaranean vegetables and a blackcurrant and mint sorbet for dessert and that was a huge amount of fun... I always said oral sex and ice don't mix but apparently they do after all :o)
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We celebrated too. Although it almost didn't happen at our house because we seemed to be overscheduled as usual. But we were able to make it all work out.

Lol, you have to take a break in the schedule to fit in the important stuff :o)

LoL so true

That sounds awesome, I'm working away from home right now I hope my girlfriend has something like that planned for when I'm back.

If you bring her a nice bunch of flowers back I'm sure she will :o)

That is Fantastic! Your the best

I had no idea "holidays" like this one existed before I came to EP :o)

Just another way EP has added to our lives

I think Amethyst posted the reminder a couple of weeks ago.

Yeah, we did that here, he was very happy :)
3 days in a row on the oral (I'm trying to reach a whole week) and he is just thrilled. My mouth, however, is a bit tired...

I like the surprised look on his face so I try to limit it to about once or twice a month then it doesn't become like he expects it you know? but if he asked me I would obviously comply :o)

We agreed that I would do an 'impromptu' one at least once weekly (not on set days, but no less than once a week). I'll also do it if asked/told.

Not disciplined, discipline means doing what you don't want to do when you don't want to do it... I wanted to do it :o)

I stand corrected!! :0)

What a wonderful disciplined wife you are Roberta!
Yes, we can't pamper our men enough!
I did the same as you and made Mr. Jack very happy.