Spankless In Seattle (Just Need To Vent A Bit)

My stupid fibromyalgia flares up without warning on a regular basis and causes me extra pain. If it wasn't nearing the end of the semester with so much work to do, I would have stayed at home sick today. Instead, I'm loaded up on caffeine and painkillers so I can work.
When it gets like this I can barely stand being touched at all. It doesn't help that my shoulder is killing me, which means I can't use my arms to support me (like, when bending forward over the bed). My back is almost always killing me anyway, and it's certainly not better now.

Maybe you've figured out where I'm going with this. Spanking me is almost out of the question. I need some sort of miracle position. Most other ways of submitting that people have mentioned (writing lines, corner time, physical labor) are out for the same reason - just typing this now hurts my arms and shoulders, I have to take regular breaks.

So, I'm edgy and whiny, and self-pitying and feeling betrayed by my stupid body. I need my spankings (maintenance was scheduled yesterday, plus he wanted to get a few swats in for a minor thing I did - I don't necessarily agree with that, but if he says so, fine). There was no way for me to find a position, we tried and I was soon crying from pain in my back and shoulder. It's soooo frustrating, I have no patience when my body doesn't behave and I feel disconnected from him, because along with spanking, hugging, sex and almost any touching are pretty much out of the question. And I have no idea if it will last for a day or a week or what.

I did wonder, could I just stand and sort of lean against the wall (without using my hands) and be spanked that way? I might be able to handle that for a couple of minutes. Or laying flat on the bed (maybe a pillow or two to support my back) with him spanking but not touching me in any other way? Not very intimate, I know, but I can barely stand to be touched.

Or does anyone have ideas for maintenance or punishment (I haven't really done anything now, but for future reference) that doesn't require much of me physically? Because I'm fresh out of ideas and greatly annoyed with myself (which probably doesn't help).
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2 Responses Apr 15, 2013

You really don't need spankings honey you need TLC and lots of it.. but I know exactly how you feel, I know you really miss being spanked and you think it's the only thing that going to make you feel better but honestly if your hubs is anything like mine, he has it in hand and he knows what's best. Trust him to take care of you :o)

Thanks, you're probably right.
Was feeling a wee bit better yesterday, until my computer got a virus, lots of timespent hunched over it trying to ffigure things out and went to sleep late. Stressed, annoyed and low on sleep - now I feel even worse. Bah!
He is nice and understanding during these flare ups and much more patient than I am with myself.

I think matilda is right on the money because what you need when pain strikes is feeling his strength and knowing that he has it in his control, I find that reassuring, it def not the time for him to turn all metrosexual on you... perish the thought :o)

You are such a sweety to want your reminder spankings - a bummer when pain gets in the way.
I always lay on my stomach flat on the bed with a big pillow under my hips - that way I don't need to use my arms or shoulders to support me. With my behind lifted, hubby sits next to me and spanks me with the paddle. It works for us!

Thanks for the tip, I'll try it.