Dealing With Anticipation

I am new to a DD relationship with a man who has lived in many of DD relationships. I lived for him for a while without DD, but we fought a lot. We did a trial week of DD, and have decided to really commit.

I didn't do the dishes by the time I left for work (my boyfriend leaves before me), and when he got home, he was a little bit mad. And then I told him, he could do the dishes just as well as me. (And apparently it wasn't a very nice tone). Now I realize that even though he could, I have four extra hours during the day than him. Then I walked away... He was meeting some potential clients (for his company) but I have a spanking when he gets back at 9 pm.

The anticipation is killing me.

How do you do this??? Please help!
Comments are SO welcome.
(posted 8:30 pacific time, on July 16th 2013)
But if it's after that time, I don really care, I still want tips.
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Me too, I hated the wait for spanking, hard knowing my bottom was going to hurt so badly. Knowing would soon be bawling like a baby and unable to sit after. We didn't want your children to know that mommy was spanked too, so my spanking happened an hour after their bed time. I was commonly spanked at. 10:00 PM in our basement. He would sit in a special chair their for the deed.

Ugh I don't know, my stomach was almost sick yesterday with anticipation, and I was RIGHT to be so nervous! Last night was not good. :/

I don't know how I'd be in your position, honestly my husband is gone from work 13 hours a day. I don't want him to come home and have to worry about cleaning stuff. It wouldnt be fair! Which is why it is fair to be disciplined for it.

I do housework, or it there is non to do, I bake :o)

the anticipation is part of the punishment. we often make it bigger in our heads than it really is. They know this, and don't care to alleviate those nerves. Hope you're feeling better.

We do it willingly because we love our men and want to them be our leaders.
Your BF knows what he is doing - trust him and submit to his discipline!