Have any of you ever been w/ other couples and are surprised at their interactions? I experienced this last week when my boyfriend & I were hanging with his cousins and their girlfriends... We all were having a conversation/debate about several topics and it was girls versus guys. I noticed the two girls and how they continually yelled and swore at their boyfriends and I can honestly say I was shocked. Before I came downstairs to join the conversation he told me 'don't come down here and get beside yourself, it'll get you in trouble'. I said 'I won't, I know better and he said 'I know you do but I didn't ask for any back talk, just say yes daddy' And I did.

During the conversation I didn't really say much but when I did I made sure to be respectful about it. Another thing I noticed is we don't really argue, like we'll discuss something but ultimately he makes 90% of the decisions in our relationship whether I like it or not but it's okay because I love him being in control.
SpoiledRottenBaby SpoiledRottenBaby
22-25, F
Aug 21, 2014